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(An extract from the Message of Day 2 of the 20th Anniversary Triumphant Convocation) Four Things to know about the help of God 1. The help from above is never late. It comes right on time.
2. Help from Above is the secret of restoration. There is nothing so lost that cannot be found by the help of God. Restoration comes from the help of God.
3. Help from Above is reliable, dependable and durable.
4. Help from Above is consatnt.

1. HELP OF MAN - Classified in the Bible as vain help Ps 60:7 The help of man is false, vain and Psalm 118:8. Those who looks for help of man has settle for frustration. Nobody can dissappoint man like man. The first you think will help does not have you as number onwe in his agenda. any that seek the help invite curses from the Lord (Jer 17:5-6). Nothing limit your destiny in life than looking unto man. God will always use a man but allow Him to do it.

2. DIABOLICAL HELP - It is seen as abomination in the sight of God. (Deut 18:8-12). Inside the help of satan is calamity. inside the help of satan is death. Anytime satan gives you a fame the next things in shame. Prov 14:12. to look for saltan help is to settle for destruction. Anytime you accept the invitation of satan to accept decstruction into your life. John 10:10). There is no help insatan but destruction. That charm in your pocket will not help you but to destroy you.That charm in your pocket will fail you. The only things satan has for you is to kill you, destroy you.

3. HELP FROM ABOVE CALLED THE HELP OF GOD Help from God is the most superior that other help (John 3:31: 2 King 6:26-27). Man and satan may take up today and can bring you down but when God helps you He will sustain you. The help of God is as eternal as God Himself. I am presenting to you the help that comes from God. Other help do slumber and sleep but God never sleep s nor slumbers (Psalm 46:1; 121:1-2). The help of God is available even now. God can turn arounfd the situation around you even now.

WHY WE NEED TO LOOK FOR THE HELP OF GOD 1. Your future is with God - My future is with God and not man and the devil. God knows your tomorrow more than you know your past (Jer 29:11). God s plan is to take you to where you will end well. Your future is not in the hand of that witch that says you will not see tomorrow is only wasting his mouth.

2. Your direction is with GOd. The way to take to arrive at your glorious destiny is with God. Your direction is with God nad not man or satan.

3. Your provision is with God Your provision is not with this country not becaus eof economic but with God. Whatever God cannot give you does not exist (Phii 4:19). Whatever God has not given you has no future in your hands.

4. Your Honour and Dignity are with God Psalm 8:5-7 It is when you look for God s help you avoid shame and reproach (Psal 34:5).

5. Your Preservation is with God. Shout My preservation is with God and not man (Psalm 46:1,7,11). God is specialist inthe preservation of His childre (psalm 105:14- 15:91;1-16).The Lord God is interested in the welfare of His people.

6. He means what He say and he says what He means.Heb 6:18 There is one thing God cannot do. God cannot lie (Num 23:23).

- The Rt Revd Foreman Nedison (Bishop of Jalingo)




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