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The 2nd Session of the 5th Synod of Diocese of Lagos West, Church of Nigeria {Anglican Communion} was held from Wednesday the 3rd of April to Sunday the 7th of April 2013 at Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit and the able leadership of the Rt. Revd. Dr. Peter Awelewa Adebiyi; Lord Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos West.

The theme of the well attended Synod was “Occupy Till I Come – Luke 19:13”.  Synod studied and analysed the theme deeply and extensively, deliberated on many contemporary issues and made the following observations and decisions.

1.         On The Theme of the Synod
Having studied and analysed the theme of the Synod through Bible Study Sessions, teachings and sermons, Synod drew an analogy between the theme and the parable of talents and concluded that:

(a.)       Christians must put into effective use whatever talents the Lord has given them.

(b.)       The Messiah will surely return and until then His followers must engage in faithful and fruitful service

(c.)       On his return the Messiah would reward faithful stewardship which can only be achieved by being zealous, diligent, having a clear vision, being disciplined, being wise and being prayerful.
2.         (a)        Federal Government/Lagos State
Synod acknowledged Lagos State as “The centre and home of every Nigerian” by virtue of its being the former federal capital and also the commercial nerve centre of the nation,  on account of which the State is undisputedly the highest populated State in the Country.  Synod further acknowledges that due to the high population of Lagos State and the commercial activities therein, the State generates about 60% of the Value Added Tax remitted to the Federal Government.  Synod therefore strongly recommends and advocates that a special percentage of the total sum realized from VAT by the Federal Government be given to Lagos State; in the same way special allocations are applaudably given to the oil producing states.


(b)        Proposed Legislation  on Land allocation to Fulani Cattle Rearers
Synod noted with great unease the proposed legislation on land allocation to fulani cattle rearers throughout the Country.  Synod viewed this proposal as unfair and inequitable especially as this group of Nigerians are not taxpaying and wondered why they should be singled out for this special favour.  Synod therefore cautioned that this proposal which is discriminatory must not be passed into Law in this country.   Such a Law, Synod warned, would be capable of causing unrest in the Country.

(c )       100 Years of Nigeria’s amalgamation
Synod observed that the amalgamation of various “nations” into a “nation” called Nigeria was the handiwork of the British Government borne out of self interest and without the consent of these “nations”.  Synod further observed that various ills of the society such as religious riots, ethnic strife, political assassinations, coups etc are partly as a result of this amalgamation.

Synod therefore called upon the Federal Government to use the opportunity of the 100 years of Nigeria’s amalgamation to convene a national conference where the people of Nigeria would agree the full modalities of their continued co-existence and fully address the concerns of all Nigerians.

(d)        Ungodly ways of life

  1. Nudity

Synod noted with concern the near naked mode of dressing of our youths, even at church functions.  Synod equally frowned at the incidents of erotic dancing, display of unacceptable sexual endearments and general exhibition of gross immorality in the electronic media and other social media.  These displays of immorality tend to corrupt children and even undiscerning adults.  Synod therefore advised parents to seriously address these issues.

  1. Actions of Pedophiles

Synod condemns the acts of adults who actively corrupt the morals of our children whether by direct sexual encounters or otherwise.  Christians are urged to seriously pray against the spread of this ungodly act.

                        (iii )       Gang Rape
Synod noted with dismay the increase in reports of gang rape on women and young girls.  It noted that this act has seriously affected the mental state and self esteem of the victims.  Synod therefore suggested that Parents and the larger society should find ways and means of curbing the spread of this unwholesome act which unfortunately is propelled by the social media such as facebook and twitter.

(iv)        Rape and Murder of Old women
Synod noted with great concern the reported acts of rape, murder and molestation of old women in the society.  Synod called upon the security agencies to intensify efforts at protecting the lives and property of these women, and bring the culprits to book.


(v)        Lesbianism and Homosexualism
Synod seriously frowned at the increasing incidents of the same-sex relationships in Nigeria.  Christians are called upon to condemn this ungodly act which does not have biblical backing and which tends to further corrupt the morals of Nigerians, especially young and impressionable youths.

  1. Animals as Sex Partner

Synod noted with great embarrassment that animals such as dogs and donkeys are now engaged as sex partners by some members of the society.  Synod consequently called upon those concerned to immediately put a stop to this act which is alien to our culture, unhealthy and undignifying.

  1. Flagrant Display of Wealth and Affluence

Synod noted with great concern that despite the resources of the Country, not less than about 80% of Nigerians still live in abject poverty.  Synod therefore condemned the activities of the few well to do Nigerians who flagrantly display their wealth and affluence in the face of the abject poverty of the majority.  These individuals were called upon to be reasonable and moderate in their bearing and celebration.

(e)        Corruption and the Battered image of the Country
Synod discussed, frowned at and condemned without mincing words the recent wave of terrorism in the Country by an evil group called “Boko Haram”.

Synod also showed great concern and displeasure over the unconstitutional practice of “Plea Bargaining” with criminals, looters and corrupt public officers.  The recent granting of state pardon to convicted criminals by the President was condemned by Synod which concluded that such pardon had made nonsense of the war against corruption and had negatively affected the country’s image internationally.

(f).        Job Creation, Employment Generation and Wealth Creation
Noting the high rate of unemployment in the Country especially among the youths, Synod referred to the ruling politicians as insensitive and driven by self interest only.  The politicians in office today should emulate the early politicians who had good vision for the country and created jobs through many ventures.  Synod therefore advised Nigerians to always ensure the election to office, of leaders who love the people and prayed for the advent of leaders who would restore peace and make life more meaningful for citizens of this country through job creation ventures and wealth creation.

3.                     LAGOS STATE
            (a)        Improved Road Networks:
Synod noted the neglect of Lagos State as former capital of Nigeria by the Federal Government and appreciates the effort of the Lagos State Government towards the construction of road networks in Lagos.

(b)        Transportation Services:
Synod commended the State Government for introducing BRT buses but urged her to provide more of such buses on more routes.  In addition, Synod recommended that the Government of Lagos State should explore other means of transportation such as ferry services, railway services and metro lines to serve the teeming population of Lagos State.


(c)        The Motorcycle (Okada) Riders:-
Synod welcomed the banning of Okada riders on major roads which has reduced the number of patients in casualty wards in our hospitals and crime rate in Lagos State Synod would be happy to see a total ban on Okada as a means of transportation at an appropriate time.

  1. The Landlords and Tenants:

Synod whilst applauding the efforts of Lagos State Government in reviewing the tenancy laws in Lagos State urged her to make recovery of premises from tenants easier for Landlords, especially those who live on their rents in retirement or otherwise.

  1.        The Land Speculators (Known as “Ajagungbale”):

Synod noted the emergence of a group of dangerous, illegal land speculators known as “Ajagungbales” who work in collaboration with the “Omoniles” to dispossess people of their land and advises the State government to legislate on this matter with a view to finding a lasting solution.

4.                     News Around the Diocese
(a)        Synod congratulated the Bishop of the Diocese, the Rt. Revd. (Dr.) Peter Awelewa Adebiyi on his impending retirement as Bishop of the Diocese after forty-six (46) years in the ministry, thirteen of which he served as the pioneer Bishop of the Diocese.  Synod thanked God for the life and times of this great leader who put the Diocese on very sound religious and financial standing and noted with gratitude to God his many achievements especially in the areas of church planting, covenant seed, investments, land registration and healthcare.  Synod wished him well and prayed that God would favour him with good health and peace of mind in his retirement.

Synod equally congratulated our Bishop’s wife, Mrs. Caroline Adefiola Adebiyi, on her very successful tenure as the President of the Women’s Guild/Mother’s Union of the Diocese.  Synod noted with gratitude her efforts in developing the Women’s Center at Ipaja.

(b)        Synod happily and proudly received the announcement of the election and consecration of the Rt. Revd. James Olusola Odedeji, as the second Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos West (Anglican Communion).  The new Bishop was and is still the Dean of the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, G.R.A, Ikeja and at present the Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Lagos West.  He would be enthroned as the new Bishop on the 28th of April, 2013.

Synod heartily congratulated the Rt. Revd. James Olusola Odedeji and prayed that his tenure as Bishop would witness monumental achievements touching positively on the life of the church and the lives of the faithful under his charge.  Synod equally congratulated and welcomed Mrs. Lydia Olukemi Odedeji, the wife of our new Bishop as she deserves a share of the joy.



Ven. ‘Tope Adewumi                                                                Mrs. Olateju Akindolire
   Clerical Secretary                                                                         Lay Secretary



Rt. Rev. Dr. Peter Awelewa Adebiyi

Diocesan Bishop




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