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The adamic nature in man is prone to react to situations instantly to satisfy the ego in him, but most times these reactions are not well thought out and are filled with various imperfections thereby leading to strife, hatred, etc. To be meek is to be humble, non-boastful, modest, and submissive. The meek are those who are humble and submissive before God and Man. So to live well and peacefully, we must learn to be meek just as Jesus invites us to come to Him and learn from Him, as He declared in Matthew 11:29: ?I am meek and lowly in heart ??. On the contrary, meekness does not mean weakness! It doesn?t mean that we must abandon or retreat from our principles, and it does not involve the surrender of our rights. Meek men and women of the Bible demonstrated firm resolve, courage, conviction, and strength. Furthermore, meekness in our organizations, as well as toward God?s word, requires speaking out against immoral behaviours and wickedness. Also being meek must never be confused with being timid. A timid spirit is the exact opposite of a meek spirit! The quietness which accompanies meekness is the result of one?s trust in the Lord, whereas the quietness of timidity is the result of one?s lack of trust. James 1:19 gives us a hint of how meekness manifests itself: ?Therefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath ??When we are NOT slow to speak, we will be reacting rather than responding, and then put ourselves into avoidable troubles. God has created us as light in this world of darkness, let us ensure that we project the light, we truly are.

MEDITATION- Psalm 37:11

PRAYER- ? Teach me oh Lord to be meek and humble so I can show forth Your light to the world. ? According to Your word oh Lord, let me inherit the earth in Jesus name; Amen. 1

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR- Bible in one year: EZEKIEL 9-1




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