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APPRECIATING THE LAGOS STATE GOVERNOR Of all the States in Nigeria, Lagos State, known for its excellence and aquatic splendour, continues to maintain its lead. The State has been very lucky in its choice of leadership, most especially since the inception of the fourth republic in 1999. It has always been the latter glory being greater than the former. When the former Governor of the State served out his second tenure, many people thought it would affect the development of the State, because the out-gone Governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fasola, SAN, was rated as having an outstanding performance. Little did we know that the in-coming Governor would even surpass his performance. Our dear incumbent and peoples’ Governor came and hit the ground running. Today, with just three years in the saddle, even the blind on the streets can attest to the fact that Lagos is wearing a new look courtesy ofthe vision of our indefatigable Governor, His Excellency, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. “Itesiwaju Eko lo je wa logun”. The road network, lighting up Lagos, the Eko Atlantic City Project, rural development such as Epe Urbanisation Project, Pedestrian Bridges, the Flyover Bridges, BRT Lanes Project, the Bus Park at strategic locations of Lagos, to mention just a few. All these point to the excellent work which this Government is well known for. This is the only state in Nigeria that pays salaries of civil servants promptly. If in three years therefore, the above development could be achieved, our guess may be same with our audience, that the next five years will make Lagos another tourist and investor destination like Dubai. Recently, Lagos State was co-opted into the Oodua Group of Investments, a household name in the South West zone of Nigeria, which hitherto belonged to other five States. With this new status, the State is launching into one of the biggest economies in Africa.



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