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On our assumption of office as the 2nd Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos West, particularly during the One-Day Synod held on 3rd October, 2013, we shared our vision with the Church, namely: Spiritual Growth of Members, Aggressive/Pragmatic Evangelism and Youth Development. We are happy to inform the Church that the Diocese is indeed on course. Aside the well packaged and Spirit-led Triumphant Convocation which was held in the last quarter of 2013, many more spiritual Retreats and assemblies have taken place with their attendant testimonies. Below are some of these activities.

a) Priests’ Retreats
In the course of this Synod year, series of retreats were conducted both for the Dignitaries, Clergy and their Wives. This was borne out of our belief that as leaders of the Church, all eyes are on us and we must be ready to live by example.

b) Diocesan Vigils
Diocesan Vigils are now being held once a quarter. Let me appeal to those that have not been attending to come and have a taste to know that the Lord is good.

c) Spiritual Seminars
The Diocese has collaborated with other spiritual bodies to organize seminars for our members in the area of Discipleship and Spiritual Parenting. Notable among them is “Believers Mentoring Mission” led by our respected senior citizen, Mrs. Jacinta Olusoga. The Christian Mothers of our Diocese with the Fountain of Hope Society of AVMCC also co-sponsored another seminar tagged “Parenting Conference” with the theme Parenting: The Christian Perspective. These Seminars were well attended and life changing. Praise the Lord.

d) Jesus Festival 2014
All routes led to the Diocesan Field on Saturday the 19th April, 2014 (i.e. eve of Easter Sunday) where our Lord Jesus was celebrated by all our members. The entire 30 Archdeaconries that make up the Diocese of Lagos West were well represented. Our Priests, Nominees and Appointees, Synod Delegates, Clergy Wives, our Diocesan Officers as well as majority of our members added colour to the occasion. The preacher of the day, who also anchored the Carnival-like festival, His Lordship, the Rt. Revd. Praise Omole-Ekun, took the mammoth crowd of worshippers down memory lane, of the encounter of the people of Israel when they got to Jericho, and how God led them to conquer the city – Joshua 6. People were therefore led to pray their way through, after which altar calls were made with people surrendering their lives unto Jesus. Many that were sick also received healing to the glory of God.

Other features of the Festival included a competitive March Past by all representatives of the Archdeaconries and the Cathedral. Agege Archdeaconry came first. There were also beautiful renditions by the AVMCC Music band. We thank you all for your support to make the Festival a success.

e) Evangelism
The Board of Evangelism has been transformed. It is now to be known as the Directorate of Evangelism and a full time Director, in person of the Ven. Gbenga Fagbemi, has been appointed. It is therefore expected of the new Directorate to focus on aggressive evangelism and to ensure that every nook and cranny of our Diocese hear about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We use this opportunity to congratulate the Director on his effort so far. There is still room for improvement since the reward for good work is more work.

f) Youth Development
More Youth Chapels are being planned for construction, to provide places of worship for our teeming Youth. Our office is open for suggestions on how to satisfy the yearnings of our Youth group.



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