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If a Minister is not having a home, he has no ministry.
- Bishop Olusola Odedeji

The most difficult people to preach to are Pastors
- Bishop Ajibodu (Ile-Oluji Diocese)

Health is a gift. Disease is what we earn with our life style - (Health Talk)
- Mr Ijaoba

You cannot be a man of God without being a child of God
- Bishop Olusola Odedeji

The wife of a clergy man is a clergy. The children of a Priest is a Priest. The dog of a Priest is a priest and the goat of a priest is a priest because if a dog of somebody else bite nobody talks but when the dog of a priest bites, people respond and if his goat misbehaves, people shout. @ Joint Clergy School Bible Study (quoted Late Most Revd Joseph Adetiloye)
- Ven Funso Awe

Do you ever think why God did not use the bone of the leg or the head from the man to create woman? But He used the one of the bones of the rib.
- Most Revd Edmund Akanya (Archbishop of Kaduna Province and Bishop of Kebbi)

Our nation must rise and shine
- Bishop Olusola Odedeji

The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Diocese of Lagos West says NO to same sex marriage because God the Creator of heaven and earth never created a man for Adam in the Garden of Eden but a woman
- Bishop Olusola Odedeji

On Education, I advocate Technical education because, we produce many Engineering graduates and we still import expatriates who only attended a Technical education in their countries
- Bishop Olusola Odedeji



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