Time of repentance and restoration.

  • My Help Comes From the LORD ...(Psalm 121:2)

    Accept JESUS CHRIST today and you will be saved. Your spiritual life is our concern.

  • Aggressive Evangelism is our topmost priority

    Our goal is to reach every nook and corner of Lagos West with the Gospel of our Lord JESUS CHRIST and prepare the nation for His second coming.

  • Ven and Mrs Goke Agara - the Dean of AVMCC

    The Rt Revd Dr James Olusola Odedeji presents Ven and Mrs Goke Agara as the new Dean of AVMCC, Ikeja.

  • Triumphant Convocation

    Truimphant Convocation is an annual gathering of all parishioners of the Diocese of Lagos West for Divine visitation in the intervention of the affairs of His people for signs and wonders..

  • Diocesan Christian Mothers

    Diocesan Christian Mothers comprise of Mothers Union, Women Guild and Boys/Girls and Ladies Guild led by Mrs Lydia Olukemi Odedeji.

  • Commissioning of Lay Readers

    The Lord Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos West, the Rt. Revd. Dr. James Olusola Odedeji commisioning new Lay Readers at St John's Church, Iju-ishaga, Lagos.

  • Anglican Commnuion Brigades

    The Anglican Communion Brigades of the Diocese added colour to the Jesus Festival..

  • Be a Convenant Seeder

    Support Evangelism in the Diocese with your substances to plant Anglican Churches in every nook and corner of the Diocese.


Diocese of Lagos West (Anglican Communion) was inaugurated in November 20, 1999 with the Cathedral at Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Vision is To be the leading Diocese in the Church of Nigeria in preparing the Nation for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Diocesan Bishop, the Rt Revd Dr. James Olusola Odedeji has 3-fold agenda - Spiritual development of the members of the Churches in the Diocese; Youth Development; and Aggressive Evangelism


Upcoming Event

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The Synod President and Diocesan Bishop, the Rt Revd Dr. Olusola James Odedeji announces the 1ST Session of the 7TH Synod of the Diocese of Lagos West (Anglican Communion). All Clergy and Synod Delegates of all Churches are invited for the Synod. The theme of the Synod is MY HELP COMES FROM THE LORD … (Psalm 121:2).




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  • Diocesan Synod

    A Synod is an ecclesiastic council or meeting to consult on church matters. It comprises of the Houses of the Bishop, the Priests and that of the Laity. Lagos West Diocesan Synod is presided upon by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, the Rt. Revd. Dr. James Olusola Odedeji.

    You can get the Synod Proceedings, Bishop's Charge, Synod News, Photo and watch the Live Streaming of the Synod events on the Dicoesan Website. For more click Synod

  • Christian Mothers

    Christian Mothers of the Diocese of Lagos West comprises of Mothers Union, Women Guild and Boys/Girls and Ladise Guilds and the President is Mrs Lydia Olukemi Odedeji, the wife of the Diocesan Bishop.

    For more click Women Organisation ...

  • Diocesan Youth Board

    The Diocesan Youth Board sees to the spiritual and physical development of the Youth in the Dicoese. It comprises of Diocesan Youth Chaplaincy, Sunday School Chaplaincy and Anglican Communion Brigades. Each with her Chaplain.

    Youth Development is one of the three cardinal agenda of the Lord Bishop, the Rt Revd Dr. James Olusola Odedeji. The youth can get the best from the Diocesan Youth website. For more click Youth Alive

  • Diocesan Board of Evangelism

    Diocesan Board of Evangelism is a Directorate that sees to evangelism and spiritual development of our parishioners. The Board organises spiritual events such as quarterly vigil, prayer conference, Triumphant Convocation, Jesus Festival and so on. The Chairman is the Venerable Olugbenga Fagbemi. For more click Evangelism.

  • Clergy Management System

    Clergy Management System is a web application developed to manage the clergy information in the Diocese of Lagos West.

    The web application is developed in house by the Information Technology Department of the Dicoese of Lagos West. To login click VisualCleros-Clergy System

  • Church Network

    Church Network manages all the Churches in the Diocese of Lagos West. There are about 285 Churches aside the Preaching Stations.

    The increase in the number of Churches is as a result of your support toward the Covenant Seed. To view the Chuches, click now Churches

  • Bible Study and Seminars Resources

    Bible Study/Seminar Lectures Resources include Lectures, Bible Studies, Sermons, Seminars and so on delivered by the Diocesan and other men and women of God.

    These resources are provided to help you spiritually, maritally and socially. To read click
    >> Bible Study Resources
    >>Seminar Lectures

  • Chaplaincies/Ministries


    Samuel Adegbite Foundation made another landmark by building a secondary school and donated it to the Diocese of Lagos West (Anglican Communion). According to the Adegbite family, they thought of giving something big for the LORD God to mark the 5th year remembrance of their late father, Samuel Igbayilola Adegbite so they approached the Lord Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos West, Rt Revd Dr. Olusola Odedeji in order to secure his permission to build a School to the glory of God. Bishop Odedeji brought them to the parcel of land in Idimu area of Lagos within the premises of St Pater s Anglican Church, Idimu[Read more]


    Upright living is not negotiable for men of God because we are not the owner of the Word we are preaching. God is the owner. We are only privilege to publish it. To be upright is to stand before God.

    Uprightness is asking ourselves Can I appear like this before my Maker?< br>< br> FACT TO NOTE ABOUT HOLINESS
    1. To walk in holiness is to command power. Iniquity facilitates captivity. Each time you commit to unrighteousness, you have opened yourself to the attacker, the devil (Isa 59:1-2).
    [Read more]


    At the 2017 Trinity Ordination, the Diocesan Bishop, the Rt Revd Dr James Olusola Odedeji, charged the new Deacons and Priests that he had no congratulations to them because one must not congratulate somebody going to war until you retire in integrity. He further charged that they were coming to the ministry at the time when defilement is the order of the day in the Church and young priests below constituted minimum of 6years were in haste for promotion ...[Read more]


    The Climax of the third Session of the sixth Synod was the foundation laying of a new ultra modern Bishop s Court of the Diocesan Bishop of the Lagos West. After the recession from the thanksgiving service of the Synod on Sunday May 21, 2017, the dignitaries accompanied the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, the Rt Revd Dr. James Olusola Odedeji to the site of the new court at Oduduwa Crescent, GRA, Ikeja in Lagos State[Read more]
Quote of the Day

If a Minister is not having a home, he has no ministry.
- Bishop Olusola Odedeji

The most difficult people to preach to are Pastors
- Bishop Ajibodu (Ile-Oluji Diocese)

Health is a gift. Disease is what we earn with our life style - (Health Talk)
- Mr Ijaoba

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